What are the Benefits of Mat Installation?

Some consumers wonder why they should put floor mats down, according to our distributors. The majority of people, on the other hand, are aware that floor mats can assist in keeping facilities cleaner and healthier. Installing high-quality floor mats serves several purposes.

Consider the following five factors:

  • Safety is number one. In practically every sort of commercial facility, slip and fall accidents are a constant issue. Every day, more than 25,000 slip and fall accidents occur in the United States, according to the National Safety Council. Winter weather, such as snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, can significantly raise this amount.
  • The floor finish put to the floor and the mats placed over the flooring, especially at important building entrances, are the two items that most commercial facilities use to protect the floors. Consider the finish to be a thin glass plate covering the floor's top. The coating protects the floor from heel marks, soil, and dampness. Mats also assist the floor finish in doing its work by removing dirt and moisture from shoe soles.
  • The ability to produce. If you're a regular reader of our blogs, you'll recall that we've discussed the importance of anti-fatigue mats in boosting worker productivity on multiple occasions. Simply put, they assist workers who must stand for extended periods in reducing pain. Employee productivity, morale, teamwork, and product/service quality all improve after the discomfort is gone.
  • Branding is the fourth point. Custom logo door mats helps in promoting or advertising your brand.

Containment is a term used to describe the ability to keep something contained. Have you ever wondered why elevator floors are frequently covered with floor mats? What about escalators or stairwells? This is a very busy area. As people pass through facilities, shoe soles can absorb soil and dampness. Contaminants are contained by putting mats in certain places. They don't move from one part of the facility to the next.

Why Do You Need A Scraper Mat For Cleanliness And Safety In Your Facility?

Mats for Commercial Use

Rain, mud, leaves, dust, and grime are all undesirable in the workplace. There are two things that you should avoid at all costs as a business owner:

1. A soiled or wet facility floor

2. Accidents involving slipping and falling

A scraper mat is a single-product solution for preventing both of these situations all year long in your facilities. The features and benefits listed below highlight just a few of the reasons why your facility requires a scraper mat.

It's Cleaning Merchandise

Keeping your facility clean helps to maintain a professional appearance. Most business owners are unaware that the floor cleaning procedure may (and should) begin outside the office and continue throughout the day!

What gives this is possible? Only if you have a scraper mat!

The cleats of a scraper mat scrape dirt and debris from the bottoms of shoes when placed outside your workplace door, hence the name. All that is required is for a person to step on the mat. That's all there is to it! Your facilities will appear cleaner if there is less dirt tracked in. It will also make the janitorial crew's job easier, allowing them to complete a comprehensive job more efficiently and swiftly.

It's a precautionary measure.

Water is likely to track inside your facility on a rainy or snowy day as each staff member enters it. Water and trash left on the floor provide a serious slipping and falling hazard. Investing in a scraper mat lowers your chances of being involved in one of these costly lawsuits. The mat helps to keep the flooring dry and safe for personnel by preventing water and other liquids from being carried within the building. It's all about the safety of the mats!

This is due to the cleated design's two-fold nature:

1. Gets rid of dirt and water

2. Traps it within the mat/allows the water to run down the sides harmlessly*

Only Super Scrape Plus has a water-runoff design.

Scraper Mats Featured

We must, however, add one additional point. Building managers must choose high-performance mats to reap the various advantages of floor mats. These are considerably better mats, and if they're Crown, the Crown Total Confidence Lifetime Warranty will cover them.