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Benefits Of Selecting A Candle Vessel For Your Candle Events

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When selecting a container for your soy wax candle, three essential safety standards must be followed:

  1. It will not catch fire.
  2. It will not leak.
  3. It will not chip or crack.

Make certain that the container you intend to use as a candle vase is non-flammable. Because of their flammability, wood and plastic would be terrible choices for candle containers. Highly porous materials, such as unglazed terracotta, clay, or cement, have the potential to absorb wax and create a fire danger. Metal can be used, however, the wick cannot be too close to the vessel since metal can become extremely hot, therefore a minimum diameter of 2.5 – 3′′ is recommended. This value is also heavily influenced by the wick used. Make certain that the right wick is being used. A larger wick will result in a deeper and hotter wax melt pool. Properly centering the wick within the container will also assist to prevent an uneven buildup of heat on one region of the container, lowering the probability of breaking significantly.

Because it is non-flammable and non-porous, glass is an excellent material for candle containers. The greater the thickness of the glass, the less chances it has to break. Candle jars wholesale, teacups, and other heat-resistant materials, are common candle-making materials. Containers with chips or cracks should not be used.

Although following these principles will considerably reduce the likelihood of a problem developing, nothing is perfect. All candles should be burnt on a heat-resistant surface, away from combustible things like overhanging cabinets or curtains. Before each burn, the wicks should be trimmed to 1/4′′ with no mushrooming. Most importantly, never leave a burning candle unattended. We strongly advise all of our customers to follow these safety measures and to label their items with one of our caution labels that provides correct burning instructions.


Wax Varieties

Custom Candlewick Blends

Using Candlewick's Custom Blend Waxes reduces the need to experiment with different mixes and additives, allowing you to produce better candles quicker. Candlewick patented mixes are fully created to require no extra ingredients, except UV light stabilisers to prevent fading. 


Wax Granules

Because of its simplicity of usage, granulated wax is frequently utilised in handicrafts. It is not necessary to melt the wax! It's constructed of 1400 melt-point paraffin formed into little beads, so just pour granulated wax into a container and insert a wick!


Wax Gel Candle

Gel candle wax, which has the transparent characteristic of gelatine, isn't truly wax at all. It is instead constructed of mineral oil and a polymer resin. You can construct container candles that you can look through and inside by using gel candle wax and a transparent glass container! Make embedded-object gel candles by inserting ornamental, nonflammable pieces within the gel for extra appeal.

It might be difficult to cope with if you wish to produce your candles at home. Trust us on this. It's easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to containers, wax kinds, wick sizes, wick materials, colours, ratios, perfumes, and suppliers. 

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